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Better Not Be Late: Swipe Enforcement


Swipe stations are in full effect, and it’s not a joke. Walking around the halls, taking your sweet time getting to class, all of that will not longer be taken as a joke.

The definition of what classifies as a tardy is, “Students are expected to be in class on time and ready to learn. A student will be considered tardy to class if they are not present when class begins.” Which is a reasonable explanation of, students who are not in class on time, that they will be marked tardy.

In past years, the “swipe” policy was not enforced to the full extent, and teachers were letting kids slide, and not marking them tardy. The term “swipe” is used commonly around Oswego High School, but some may not know what it means. Swiping is a term used for students who are late to a class period, and have to get a pass to say they were recognized for being late. There are approximately four swipe stations placed around the school for students to find.

At these swipe stations there is usually a dean’s assistant there supervising the station. The student would type in their I.D. into the keypad, then the dean’s assistant will print out a pass with the student’s I.D. picture.

Therefore, students should be aware that teachers and staff members are cracking down on wandering the halls and becoming more strict on tardies.

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