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Understanding the Epidemic


On January 25, concerned members from all over the community gathered in the Performing Arts Center in Oswego High School for a drug forum. The event, Understanding the Epidemic, was created to educate those in the community on the relationship of drugs and teenagers. Before entering the arts center, attendees were greeted by several tables, which had several informational pamphlets of various narcotics and their effects on the brain.

There were quite a number of people in the auditorium, mostly parents, with a few middle school aged kids. A video was shown with testimonies of a few college kids who lost friends to drugs in high school. After their stories, it showed a few general statistics about drug use in teenagers in the world, the U.S., and Kendall County.

After the presentation, a panel of various organizations was opened up to talk and take questions. This included the Health Department, Kendall County Court Services, Fire Department, and Rush Copley. All together the panel was made up of 14 people.  A discussion was held between the panel on the dangers of drugs in the community, and some of their personal stories.

Questions are still being taken, even though the forum is finished. If you have any, please go to the SD308 website and submit it there.

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