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Batavia Casting Clinic and Tournament


Batavia High School is hosting a casting clinic for bass fishing to help improve your casting skills.

The casting consists of flipping and pitching. Flipping and pitching are styles of casting to get a finesse bait such as a jig or soft plastic under docks and near structure. These types of casting can be done with a bait-caster or a spinning reel either work well.  

The clinic is for any middle school or high school students. It is not required to be affiliated with your school team to be apart of the clinic, but you need your current high school or middle school ID card. You also must bring your own rod and reel but a ⅜ ounce flipping plug will be given if you do not have a plug or jig. It will cost $10 to enter and an additional $5 every time you go through the tournament course again

The clinic is on Feb. 24 at Batavia High School 1201 Main St., Batavia, Ill., 60510. Enter the high school from the main entrance. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 9:30 a.m. The clinic will then begin at 9:30 a.m., and lasting until 10 a.m. when practice starts for the tournament. Practice goes until 10:20 a.m followed by the tournament starting thereafter. The tournament goes until awards which start at 12 a.m.  

The tournament consists of flipping or pitching at 10 targets that increase in score at you get closer to the center. You get one practice cast per target then two tries to get the best score possible. The targets will progressively get harder, but the point values on the targets will remain the same

The highest scores will win a prize. There is a raffle for prizes along with this. Every time you go through the course your name gets put into the raffle. So going through twice will have your name in the raffle twice.

The prizes consists of six Lew’s rod and reel combinations and prizes from Mystery Tackle Box. There are two divisions high school and middle school. High school has prizes first through fifth, and middle school has prizes from first through third. The raffle prizes are unknown until the time of the tournament.      

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