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BIONIC Five Guys Fundraiser

Oswego High School BIONIC

Wednesday, February 7, BIONIC is having a fundraiser to raise money for this anti-bullying club. This fundraiser will be held at the local Five Guys and a percentage of the cost of the food will be donated to Bionic.  


Essentially Bionic has mentors that are seniors here at Oswego High School that talk to underclassmen about bullying and how to prevent it from happening.

The money goes to the substitutes that the school needs to hire in order to fill the teachers spots while they are teaching kids about anti bullying. The money also goes to school buses used to transport all of the talk mentors (seniors at Oswego High School).  

These mentors help out the teachers as they split into small groups to help teach the kids about how to avoid and cope with bullying.  

This is a very good program especially for younger kids and that’s why they’re reaching out to elementary schools and the underclassmen.  But all of this costs money and without that they’re not able to spread their positive energy and anti-bullying.   


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