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2018 Prom Fashion Show


On Monday, January 22, Oswego High School hosted the annual Prom Fashion show ran by Oswego High School seniors Sabrina Brunelle and Megan Kohorn.

Show tickets were sold for $3. According to Sabrina, “This show is so important for me because of that fact it raises money for this year’s senior celebration”. When guests purchase a ticket, they will automatically receive raffle tickets for different prizes. The raffles this year are from various local businesses such as the Tap House Grill, Allure Nails, Kendall 11, and Bella-Gia.

This year the sponsors for this Prom Fashion Show were vDavid’s Bridal and Men’s Warehouse. There were a total of twelve couples participating, each modeling their tuxes and prom dresses to their very own choice of song.

The Prom Fashion Show began at 6:00 p.m. The show was kicked off with each couple walking across the stage doing witty poses each with their very own personal flare. After each couple modeled the first round of dresses there was a 15-minute intermission before the second half of the show showing the second choice of dresses.

Once the second half of the show was complete Sabrina Brunelle and Megan Kohorn announced the raffle prize winners. After the announcing of the raffle tickets all of the couple reentered the stage and did a final group bow and ended the show off in high spirits as the audience was clapping and cheering for the couples who participated.

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