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7 Oswego High School Students Advance to ILMEA State Conference


October 3, over 70 Owego High School students went to Addison Trail High School to audition for the Illinois Music Educator Association All-District and All-State conferences.

20 of those students were accepted into the District 9 All-District Senior Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Jazz Ensembles. Of those 20 students, 4 of them were eligible for the state level. Gavin Davis (French Horn), Niyasha Johnson (Clarinet), and Nathan Labora (Trumpet) will be in the All-State Band; Ryan Boone (Percussion) will be in the All-State Orchestra.

Three other students, Jacob Anderson, Tobi Osibodu and Julia Woelke, applied for the Future Music Educators Seminar part of the conference and they will also be at the conference. That is not a performance ensemble, but moreso a professional group.

ILMEA also hosted a composition contest and Tobi Osibodu entered a choral composition in which he received an honorable mention for. All seven of these students will be down in Peoria, Illinois the weekend of January 24-27 and participate in their various activities.

If you want to go support your fellow panthers down in Peoria, go see Mr. Tieri, Mr. Schoenbach, or Mrs. SanRoman for more information about concert dates and times.

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