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Trade School v. College


Growing up a large amount of kids think about going to college getting a degree then doing whatever you so choose. But that’s not the only option, the trades are also available to go into.

A benefit of college is that you get a degree in what field you so choose and that is recognized by companies that you know what you are doing. And you get to have that recognition for the rest of your life by having that degree. A problem arises from going to college, debt.

Unless you get a full ride or a large scholarship you will have debt for quite a while after college. The prices of college is rising. In 1990-91 the average cost at a four year college was $7,602 per year. In 2014-15 the average cost at a four year college was $23,600 per year. That is an extra $16,000 yearly that you have to pay. The cost will add up fast and will last a while.

How wants to pay that off for a degree when you can get schooling for free?

However, going through the trades you will be paid to learn and you don’t have to pay anything back. The trades have a five year apprenticeship that is one week of schooling every four to five weeks.

While you are not in school you are working and getting paid. The starting wage is $20 plus benefits and goes up from there. Plus the baby boomers that were working the trades are retiring so the job field is wide open for you to work.

The jobs can be hard and labor intensive, but the money is great and you get to say that you built that. Who gets to go around saying that they build the next skyscraper or the next mall.  

The choice is yours whether you want to go to college or not but consider the trades. Getting $20 an hour being eighteen is great. Trades have no debt and you can take as many classes as you want for free. Just consider the fact of no debt, free schooling, $20 starting, and an open job field.   


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