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College Recruitment Process for Future Athletes


Most athletes have played sports their entire life. As a child, they grew up playing the one sport they love or multiple sports. When students involved in sports go to high school, they start aiming to improve in their activities, get stronger, set and accomplish new goals for the future. At this point, athletes tend to choose which sport they want to focus on and some want to keep playing after high school. In order to play a sport in college, one needs to plan this out early in their high school career.

The most important thing a student athlete needs to focus on in order to play in college is getting good grades. This could be more difficult for some compared to others. Student athletes need to put in extra work for school as they have less time for studies compared to a normal student. This means that the athlete needs to have good habits getting their work done in school and at home.

Colleges prefer to recruit athletes that have a higher grade point average. If there are two athletes of similar talent that a college is looking at, but they can only pick one player, they will most likely recruit the player of the higher GPA.

Athletes will also need to let colleges know that they are looking to play a sport in college. Communication is key when recruiting. If one wants to play a sport at a certain college, they need to reach out to a coach at that college.

Coaches will most likely not come after you. This can be done most effectively by email. Emailing coaches to tell them you are interested will put your name out there and they may be interested in you. One other thing that can help you get noticed is sending a portfolio of stats, rewards, and other useful information about yourself to those coaches. The coaches may respond by asking to have a meeting with them or to attend a camp.

Showcases or camps are also a major part in recruiting. These allow colleges to see what talent these high school athletes can bring to their teams. There are many different camps that are hosted by many people and one does need to pay to get into them. They can have different amounts of players and colleges there looking at and judging the players. Players would need to do their best. Most importantly, they need to stand out compared to the rest of the players.

Former Oswego High School student athlete, Austin Warner, was at a camp for football when he was asked to play for Northern Illinois University. He was brought out to the middle of the field and was offered a full ride scholarship. If he left the field to think about it then NIU would no longer give him the offer. Events like this do not happen very often, but it shows how important showcases and camps are for recruiting.

Having meetings with coaches can also be useful. This allows one to talk face-to-face with them and express one’s feelings and goals. At the same time you can take a tour of the college and get a feel of what it would be like to go there. These meetings will help the coach get to know you and for you to get to know them. Usually one will have a meeting with the coach if they know they will go to the school or if the coach wants to see them.

These few things will help when recruiting for college. Most high school athletes will try to get their name out to colleges as soon as possible. This is usually during their junior year in high school. Following this process will help to be recognized by colleges and can hopefully get you recruited.

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